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State v. Alires

Court of Appeals of Utah

December 19, 2019

State of Utah, Appellee,
Philbert Eugene Alires, Appellant.

          Third District Court, Salt Lake Department The Honorable Adam T. Mow No. 171908080

          Ann M. Taliaferro and Staci Visser, Attorneys for Appellant

          Sean D. Reyes and William M. Hains, Attorneys for Appellee

          Judge Diana Hagen authored this Opinion, in which Judges Michele M. Christiansen Forster and Jill M. Pohlman concurred.


          HAGEN, Judge.

         ¶1 Philbert Eugene Alires was charged with six counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child-two counts for conduct toward his youngest daughter and four counts for conduct toward one of his daughter's friends (the friend). A jury convicted Alires on two counts, one for each alleged victim, and acquitted him of the remaining four counts. We agree with Alires that his trial counsel was constitutionally ineffective in failing to request an instruction requiring the jury to reach a unanimous verdict with respect to each act for which he was convicted. Accordingly, we vacate his convictions and remand for further proceedings.


         ¶2 One afternoon, Alires and his wife (the mother) hosted a party for their youngest daughter's eleventh birthday. The daughter invited two of her guests-the friend and another friend (the other friend)-to a sleepover that night. As the evening progressed, the daughter, the friend, and the other friend joined others in the living room to play a video game called "Just Dance."

         ¶3 Later that night, after everyone else had left, Alires and the mother got into a loud argument that the daughter, the friend, and the other friend overheard. The daughter appeared visibly upset and "started tearing up because her parents were fighting." Both Alires and the mother could tell that the girls overheard and were affected by the argument.

         ¶4 Alires and the mother went to their bedroom and discussed how they could "try and make [the daughter] happy." They decided that Alires would join the girls in the living room and "try to lighten the mood." Alires testified that he can generally make the daughter happy by "wrestling" with her and her friends or other family members because it "usually ends up being a dog pile" on Alires and it "usually brings the kids together and usually changes the mood." While Alires went to the living room, the mother stayed behind to change into her pajamas.

         ¶5 According to the friend, Alires went into the living room after the argument and "started trying to dance with [them]" and "lighten the mood" because "the fight wasn't very fun for anybody." While they were dancing, Alires "put his hand on [the friend's] waist and kind of like slid it down, so [she] just sat down because [she] felt really uncomfortable." Alires then "tried dancing with [her] again and he . . . touched around [her] butt," though he "was kind of sneaky about it" as if he was "trying to make it look like it wasn't happening." On direct examination, the State asked the friend, "[H]ow does that get accomplished?" She responded, "I'm not sure. He just did it."

         ¶6 Feeling uncomfortable, the friend sat down on the couch next to the daughter. Alires sat down between the two and "started tickling [the daughter]." The friend testified that, while Alires tickled the daughter, "it looked like he was touching like in her inner thigh, and like moved up to her crotch area." According to the friend, "it was really not tickling, it was more like grabbing and grosping [sic]." This lasted "probably 15 to 30 seconds." Then, Alires turned to the friend and said, "I'm going to tickle you now." The friend told Alires she did not feel well and said, "[P]lease don't." But Alires started tickling near her "ribcage and then touched [her] breast area" and then he "started tickling [her] inner thighs and did the same thing that he did to [the daughter]." The friend testified, "[H]e slid his hand up to my vagina and started like grabbing, and like grosping [sic], I guess" for "[p]robably about seven to 10 seconds."

         ¶7 According to the friend, when Alires got up from the couch, the daughter asked, "[D]id he touch you?" The friend said, "[Y]eah. And he touched you, because I kind of saw it." The daughter "was like, yeah, can we just go to my room?"

         ¶8 According to the mother, she entered the living room about sixty seconds after Alires and told everyone that it was time to go to bed. The friend testified that it had been "probably about three minutes," during which time Alires touched her buttocks "twice," her breasts "twice," and her vagina "[a]bout four times," in addition to touching the daughter's thigh and vagina.

         ¶9 Both the daughter and the other friend testified at trial that Alires did not touch anyone inappropriately and ...

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